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Dr Pratibha kukreja Pandit Pediatric and Special Needs Dentist

Dr. Pratibha Kukreja Pandit

Dr. Pratibha is a Specialist Pediatric and Preventive Dentist.

She has trained at the Prestigious Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Taiwan in advanced areas like Dental Rehabilitation of children with Special Needs and children with Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate.

Vikrant Argade
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Pediatric Dentist - Composite tooth filling
Dr. Pratibha Kukreja Pandit is really very good at handling kids, she has a good sense of understanding about kids behavior and had made their treatment quite soothing for them. It is recommended to visit them for genuine treatment and quality work.
Rohini Chavan
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Oral And MaxilloFacial - Dental Implant Surgery
I was undergone for dental implant surgery it was totally painless. The doctors and staff are very friendly and cooperative. In this Covid situation also they are taking very good precautions and hygiene is maintained
Verified Patient
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Pediatric Dentist - Aesthetic Dentistry filling
We are extremely satisfied with the treatment which was completed effortlessly, it only showed the in-depth knowledge & skill of Dr. Pratibha Kukreja Pandit. The charges seem to be reasonable & the Dr. ensured that unnecessary costs are avoided, thus giving the patient, additional benefits.
Mrs. Supriya Kukreja
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My son and I have had dental treatment with the most pleasant experience. Dr Pratibha is seeing my child’s dental care since he sprout his first tooth and is excellent at handling the toddlers.. making it a joyful event. Very well designed clinic - child friendly and on time appointment service.
Sandhya Gaikwad
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Pediatric Dentist - Tooth Removal, Root Canal
I have done dental treatment of both my children with Dr Pratibha at Pandit Clinic. Dr Pratibha is very friendly with children and root canal Treatment was painless. Loved the experience and will recommend her to everyone.

Our Services

First dentist visit

We offer regular dental check-ups for kids, dental x-rays, dental cleanings, pulp therapy, dental fillings and crowns

Pandit Clinic Child's First Dental Visit

“Prevention is better than cure”. Pandit Clinic has always emphasized on preventive treatments like flouride treatments, fillings, pit and fissure sealants to avoid decayed and damaged teeth. 

Giving your child the proper orthodontic care can help in correcting their jawline at a young age and prevent future dental problems. Our orthodontic care includes headgear, braces, Invisalign teen and tooth extraction if necessary.  

Orthodontics, braces for kids

Among many injuries to teeth, Dental Avulsion is one of the most severe forms of damage that requires emergency care. Pandit Clinic is at the forefront of dealing with dental care emergencies.

Pediatric Dental Emergencies
Enjoying the Game

The mouthguard is custom made by our pediatric dentistry practice to fit your child’s mouth perfectly. It protects the teeth and jawline, preventing any serious injuries. 

dentistry for special needs

We offer a full range of dental care treatments for Special Needs Children including Cleft lip or Cleft palate, Down’s Syndrome, neurological disorders, cerebral palsy, and vision and hearing impairments 

About Pediatric Dentistry

Visiting a dentist is a crucial step for analyzing and managing a child’s dental health. Pediatric dentistry is a branch of dentistry which largely deals with all and any issues related to children’s dental problems. Right from your infant’s first visit to the dentist, to orthodontics, or more commonly referred to as braces; Pandit Clinic has it all covered under one roof!

We, at Pandit Clinic pride ourselves on understanding the dire need to make the child as well as the parent comfortable during the visit in order to avoid a traumatic experience that children often associate with a visit to a dentist. Headed under the expertise of Dr Pratibha Kukreja Pandit, (BDS, MDS), our main aim is to make the child feel safe and comfortable during his or her visit. Dr Pratibha takes utmost care to bond with the child and then begin with the necessary treatment. She also prioritizes in guiding the parents to make them better understand the consequences of having good dental care.

Virtual Video Consultations

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Consult Dr. Pratibha Kukreja Pandit
(Pediatric Dentist)

Start here, by making an appointment for a virtual consultation with our expert Dr. Pratibha Kukreja Pandit (NEW PATIENTS ONLY).

Dr. Pratibha Kukreja Pandit is available for Virtual Video Consultations from Monday – Saturday between the hours of 11 am – 2pm and 4pm – 7pm.

If you are already our valued patient with questions or have an emergency please contact the clinic on +91 9822053446

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Dentist for Kids

Child's First Dental Visit - Dr. Pratibha Kukreja Pandit

Pandit Clinic offers a spectrum of services like the infant’s first visit to the dentist, guidance on feeding patterns which affect dental health, dental hygiene and care for kids, restorative dentistry, orthodontics, mouth guards for sports, etc. Children being children, we also take utmost care during dental emergencies which might arrive unannounced due to umpteen number of reasons. 

Dr Pratibha Kukreja Pandit also understands the need for positivity and compassion when treating children with special needs. They are also treated for all the treatments with open arms without any distinction.

Our clinic is specially designed to help kids assimilate into the area and get rid of the fear which generally affects them negatively. The general aura of the clinic is warm and positive as Dr Pratibha has made use of toys, animated drawings and colourful interior to help the kids feel invited!

Child's First Dental Visit - Dr. Pratibha Kukreja Pandit

Technology and us

Dr Pratibha_Pandit_click_3

Technology and us

Being technologically advanced is what we believe in. The clinic is equipped with the most advanced and modern state of the art facilities which help to treat the children with ease and comfort. Dr Pratibha focuses on adapting newer technologies in order to keep up to date with all the medical advancements that can be used to make the treatments even more effective and long lasting

Meet the Doctor

Pediatric and Preventive Dentistry Specialist

Dr Pratibha kukreja Pandit Pediatric and Special Needs Dentist

Dr. Pratibha Kukreja Pandit


Meet the Doctor

Pediatric and Preventive Dentistry Specialist

Dr. Pratibha is the Chief Dentist at Pandit Clinic. She is also a Consultant Pediatric Dentist at Kotbagi Hospital and KEM Hospital, Pune.

Dr. Pratibha has trained at the prestigious Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Taiwan, in advanced areas including Pediatric dental treatment under General Anesthesia and Intravenous sedation, Dental Rehabilitation of children with special health care needs, and Nasoalveolar molding and dental rehabilitation of cleft lip and cleft palate.

She’s the lifetime member of Student Clinician Association, American Dental Association (SCADA), USA.

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