Tummy Tuck

Tummy Tuck (also called as Abdominoplasty) is a cosmetic surgery procedure used to make the abdomen more flat, taut and firm.

About Tummy Tuck

Women after childbirth do tend to gather lot of lax tissue and skin on the belly area. The skin loses its luster, develops varying grade of stretch marks and becomes wrinkled and lax. This is very common if the baby is large one. This transformation wrecks the dressing styles and clothing choice for many women. The unsightly bulges and stretch marks make skin exposure unpleasant. The shape is no more the same and women have a very strong desire to go back to their pre pregnancy look. This demand is progressively getting more as many mothers go back to very active social life and demanding work situations. A high level of self esteem and good physical bearing contributes to their feeling good, and plastic surgery can give them this strength. 

Tummy Tuck (also called as Abdominoplasty) is a cosmetic surgery procedure used to make the abdomen more flat, taut and firm. The surgery involves the removal of excess skin and fat from the middle and lower abdomen in order to tighten the muscle and fascia of the abdominal wall. This type of surgery is usually sought by patients with loose tissues after pregnancy or individuals with sagging after major weight loss.

What is Tummy Tuck or Abdominoplasty?

A Tummy Tuck or Abdominoplasty is a plastic surgery performed to flatten the abdomen by removing excess skin and fat. During this procedure, the surgeon will also tighten the muscles inside the stomach to give them a more aesthetic and symmetrical look.  

Due to pregnancy/obesity (loss of skin elasticity), or following massive weight reduction in morbid obesity, there is excessive stretching of Tummy (Abdominal) skin. When the skin doesn’t recoil and re-drape by itself, the tummy requires  a tightening surgery called Tummy Tuck surgery or Abdominoplasty.

Is Tummy Tuck for you?

If you want to get rid of the loose skin and tighten the abdomen muscles then abdominoplasty surgery is an option worth considering.

Answer a few questions to help us understand if you are the right candidate for Tummy Tuck. 

Questions to ask your Tummy Tuck Surgeon:

Tummy Tuck Result

Tummy Tuck
Tummy Tuck

What is a complete Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck)?

A complete (or full) abdominoplasty involves:

Who is the ideal candidate for Tummy Tuck?

An ideal candidate for a tummy tuck is – 

What happens before the Tummy Tuck surgery?

The surgeon will ask you to present your latest blood and urine reports before the surgery. Please remember to take loose-fitting clothes to wear after the surgery.    

You will be administered with general anaesthesia and rendered unconscious for the surgery.

What is the post-operative care?

In case the doctors notice that there are some excess skin tissues, fat cells or fluids in the stomach that need to be removed, then they may insert a drain for a couple of days. 

An elastic-based compression garment will be given to wear after the surgery. This reduces bruising and swelling.

What is the recovery time after Tummy Tuck?

The recovery time for a tummy tuck is anywhere between two to six weeks. It is advisable to avoid physical activity during your recovery period. 

Your doctor will give you painkillers and other medication to make you feel comfortable after the procedure. Take all your medicines on time and follow all the instructions given to you. 

Do not skip any follow-up appointments and do not put yourself under physical stress. To maintain the results of the tummy tuck, a healthy diet is pertinent.

What is the cost of Tummy Tuck?

India is one of the most affordable locations for plastic surgery treatments. Patients from around the world choose to come to India for their cosmetic surgery needs. The tummy tuck surgery cost in India is lower than in European countries. 

One cannot give an exact amount since the procedure is customized for every patient. 

Dr Shrirang Pandit Cosmetic, Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Shrirang Pandit

MBBS, MS, Mch (Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon)

Meet Dr. Shrirang Pandit

Dr. Shrirang Pandit is the founder of the Pandit Clinic. He has an experience of 30+ years in plastic surgery. He is a renowned name in the industry and pioneer of aesthetic lasers in India. Dr. Shrirang Pandit has performed numerous surgeries on children with facial clefts, managed patients with burn injuries and also has a large experience with lasers on Asian Indian skin. He has attended various laser workshops and courses as faculty and is keen on educating the next generations. He is a life member of all the top plastic surgery associations like Association of Plastic Surgeons in India, Association of Surgeons of India, Indian Association of Cosmetic Laser Surgeons, to name a few. He also acts as a key opinion leader for Ultrashape Inc., Lumenis Inc, VASER Sound Surgical Technologies, USA

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