Pediatric General Dentistry

Pediatric General Dentistry

We offer regular dental check-ups for kids, dental x-rays, dental cleanings, pulp therapy, dental fillings and crowns, pediatric prosthodontics

About Pediatric General Dentistry

Pandit Clinic’s pediatric general dentistry covers the basics of good oral care and health. Following services fall under general dentistry for kids:

Dental Check-up For Kids

We offer regular dental check-ups for kids, teenagers and special needs children. At a dental check-up, the doctor will examine your child’s teeth, jaw and oral tissues. We will also consider other factors and let you know if they anticipate any oral problems for your child in the near future. 

Dr Pratibha Kukreja – Pandit will share the report of the check-up with you and her diagnosis. If the child is given a clean bill of oral health, then there is nothing further. In case problems are detected, the doctor will share her treatment course with you and begin with the next steps. 

Pandit Clinic recommends a minimum of two dental check-ups per year. This frequency, along with good oral care habits, can lead to a healthy childhood for the kids. 

Hypomineralized Teeth: Why is Early Intervention Necessary

In this blog, Dr. Pratibha Kukreja Pandit, pediatric dentist of Pandit Clinic, Pune, talks about hypomineralization and the importance of early treatment.

Dental X-Rays

At Pandit Clinic, we pride ourselves on having the best technology and equipment for our patients’ needs. Our Pediatric Dentistry practice is equipped Vistascan by Durr Dental, the most advanced, fine, digital and paperless x-ray imaging system at present.

Dental X Rays can detect cavities, decayed teeth, bone diseases, they can predict the pattern of erupting teeth and much more. Dental X Rays allow a doctor to get a clear vision of the patient’s condition. They are used to plan the child’s oral care treatment. 

While most disease progressions are visible on these x rays, sometimes some dental diseases require more understanding by means of OPG (Orthopantomograph) in children and Cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT). Whenever relevant, these are advised.

Dr Pratibha Kukreja Pandit - Pediatric Dentist

Dental Cleanings

Children need dental cleaning sessions at regular intervals. Children’s teeth tend to pile on deposits as time goes by. At a dental cleaning session, we remove the stains, tartar and plaque from their teeth. This session helps in restoring the teeth to their original pearly white color and texture. 

Regular cleanings can help the doctor in locating problem areas well ahead of time. Dr Pratibha Kukreja Pandit also uses this time to educate children on good oral care habits. 

Cavity Management Treatments: What Is A Cavity?

A cavity is a hole that has formed inside the teeth. Cavities are permanent in nature. They need correct dental treatments to avoid the escalation of a cavity into a decayed tooth.

Cavities are caused due to various factors including frequent snacking, sugary foods and drinks, and most importantly, not cleaning your teeth well. Children are most likely to have cavities in their teeth. Therefore, they need cavity prevention and management treatments on time to avoid further escalation of the problem.

Even though we emphasize on preventive treatments, sometimes we need to opt for restorative procedures for our patients. Our Cavity Management Services are a part of the restorative spectrum of kids dentistry.  Kids need these treatments when the cavity has permanently set into the tooth. Restorative procedures are the only way to stop the tooth from further degradation and decay.

How Do We Treat Permanent Cavities?

At Pandit Clinic, we trust Dental Fillings to take care of cavities and prevent tooth decay. Dental Fillings are safe and simple procedures. Our Pediatric Dentist uses Dental Fillings to restore the original structure of the tooth and its size. The Fillings are made of durable material that can withstand the stress of chewing.

Different Types Of Dental Fillings At Pandit Clinic:

Coloured Compomers Restoration

Dr Pratibha Kukreja – Pandit understands that children love colours! So we decided to incorporate vibrant colours in our restorative treatments.  

If your child is bored of white teeth, then we will add a splash of colour to the decayed tooth with our Coloured Compomers.  

Our clinic stocks the best available dental compomer filling material from VOCO in eight different colours. Children get to choose their Dental Filling colour from our colour tab. T

The core idea is to turn a regular dentist visit into a fun visit. It also encourages the child to make a decision that is included in his/her dental procedure.  

tooth colored fillings

Why Do Children Need Dental Fillings?

Treating cavities as early as possible is essential for the future health and well-being of your children. Read about the reasons why in this blog.

Pulp Therapy: What is Pulp, and why is it essential for your child's teeth?

The pulp is present in all teeth, but it is not visible to the naked eye. It is located at the center of the human tooth. The pulp is made of soft tissue which contains nerves, blood vessels, connective tissues, and other cells needed to maintain a healthy tooth.

The pulp is nature’s alarm clock. If the tooth begins suffering from damage, the pulp increases the sensitivity of the tooth. It may even send out toothache signals to the brain. If the damage/decay is severe, the pulp may begin swelling. 

The pulp is essential to maintain a healthy tooth

Why Do Kids Need Pulp Therapy?

Pulp therapy helps in restoring the damaged primary tooth in your kid’s mouth until it naturally falls out to make a place for the permanent tooth.

Pulp therapy not only restores the tooth, but it also makes the tooth functional again. This means that the child can chew or drink or talk without any pain. Once the child undergoes pulp therapy, they do not feel toothaches or increased sensitivity in that tooth. It also nullifies the chances of infection.

What Are The Types Of Pulp Therapy?

As a Pediatric Dentistry practice, we understand entirely that Root Canal for kids is probably the scariest thing for parents. But Dr Pratibha Kukreja – Pandit ensures that the child, as well as the parents, are comfortable during the pulp therapy sessions. She takes extraordinary efforts to make the procedure as pain-free as possible.

Root Canal For Children

A root canal procedure is performed by your kid’s dentist to remove the diseased pulp in the child’s tooth.

. Dr Pratibha Kukreja, explains the standard procedure followed by dentists all over the world to diagnose whether Root Canal treatment is necessary for the patient.

Special Notes On Pulp Therapy

Dental Crowns In Children

Dental Crowns For Children - Necessity, Procedure, Precautions

Dr. Pratibha Kukreja Pandit, the certified Pediatric Dentist of Pandit Clinic, Pune, has written a detailed blog about dental crowns for children which includes all the details regarding the procedure & precautions.

Minor Oral surgical procedures in children

About Pediatric Prosthodontics

Prosthodontics is a dental specialty focused on restorative and cosmetic oral care. At Pandit Clinic, our Prosthodontists help with teeth restoration and replacement, as well as cleft lip and palate problems.

Our Prosthodontics section ably tackles cases of teeth restoration, replacement, dental crowns and bridges for children. We also offer dental implant services for kids. Prosthodontists play an essential role, especially in cases of trauma, tumours , accidents or dental injuries.

At Pandit Clinic, we take a holistic approach for children’s dental needs. Our Pediatric Dentist, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon as well as Prosthodontist work in tandem to offer our patients the best possible solution with minimal or zero pain. 

Missing front primary/milk teeth

Front teeth lost due to caries or trauma can cause tremendous psychological trauma to the child and loss of self esteem.  A removable or fixed (Groper’s) appliance can be used for the replacement of missing front primary teeth. In very young children, these appliances not only restore function and aesthetics but also aid in proper speech.  

While removable appliances are easy to fabricate and require less mantainence, their utmost disadvantage is lack of patient wearing them. Patients can lose them and break them easily.

In contrast, fixed appliances cannot be removed by the patient. They require more maintenance and oral care. Routine follow up, every 3-6 months is advised for all kind of fixed appliances.

Missing permanent teeth before jaw growth completion

There are times when a permanent front tooth is lost due to unfortunate trauma, before the completion of jaw growth.

Also, at times permanent molars are lost due to caries, tumours, trauma or jaw cysts. In such cases a removable partial denture (RPD) is given to maintain the function, aesthetics and space until a final restoration can be planned and done. This needs to be followed up every 6 months and may need modifications or change as the jaw growth progresses.

Special Notes For Cleft Lip and Palate Cases and Obturator prosthesis

The Maxillofacial Prosthodontist is a dental specialist who makes artificial teeth and dental appliances to improve the appearance of individuals with cleft and to meet their functional requirements for eating and speaking.

The doctor may design customized oral appliance called ‘Maxillofacial obturator’ to facilitate closure of oronasal fistulas (Communication between nose and mouth) so that the child may speak normally. Our prosthodontist will coordinate treatment with the surgeon and/or the orthodontist to assure the best possible results. 

At Pandit Clinic, we have been restoring smiles and speech for many children with cleft palate since years.

Burn injuries

These are specially designed appliances used to reduce burn contractures in children.

Virtual Video Consultations


Start here, by making an appointment for a virtual consultation with our expert Dr. Pratibha Kukreja Pandit (NEW PATIENTS ONLY).

Dr. Pratibha Kukreja Pandit is available for Virtual Video Consultations from Monday – Saturday between the hours of 11 am – 2pm and 4pm – 7pm.

If you are already our valued patient with questions or have an emergency please contact the clinic on +91 9822053446

You can also book an in-clinic appointment

Consult Dr. Pratibha Kukreja Pandit
(Pediatric Dentist)


Virtual Video Consultation Fees Rs. 500

The Consultation Fees Must Be Paid Online by GOOGLE PAY BEFORE YOUR APPOINTMENT. See The Instructions On Appointment Confirmations

Your virtual video consultation includes:

Dr Pratibha kukreja Pandit Pediatric and Special Needs Dentist

Dr. Pratibha Kukreja Pandit


Meet the Doctor

Pediatric and Preventive Dentistry Specialist

Dr. Pratibha is the Chief Dentist at Pandit Clinic. She is also a Consultant Pediatric Dentist at Kotbagi Hospital and KEM Hospital, Pune.

Dr. Pratibha has trained at the prestigious Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Taiwan, in advanced areas including Pediatric dental treatment under General Anesthesia and Intravenous sedation, Dental Rehabilitation of children with special health care needs, and Nasoalveolar molding and dental rehabilitation of cleft lip and cleft palate.

She’s the lifetime member of Student Clinician Association, American Dental Association (SCADA), USA.

Professional Affiliations and Skills

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